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August 20, 2017

34: Differently Vague

After dropping off the coffin maker with the proper authorities and having a weird, perhaps pointless conversation with Rudolph van Richten, our adventurers decided to go help the winemakers. But do we ever help anyone? Maybe someone should ask Ol' One-Arm-Ireena. In any case, let's find out what happens when we try to "help" the owners of the Wizard of Wines. Music by audionautix.com and Ab-Bowie Cross. ...



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August 13, 2017

33: It's Not Even On Google Maps Yet

Last week, we decided that we had to take the coffin maker to the proper authorities. Let's see how that goes. Oh, and we met a man who claimed to be a famed vampire hunter. Will we treat him with the respect he deserves? Is that really even a question? ...



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July 30, 2017

32: Love, The BMG

Last time, we destroyed a whole nest of vampires hiding in the coffin maker's shop. Suddenly, a self-proclaimed vampire hunter made himself known to us. Nice of him to show up NOW. What kind of vampire hunter is he, anyway? Will we find out? Or will we be as rude to him as we are to basically everyone else? Music by Abby Cross and Purple Planet: http://www.purple-planet.com. ...



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July 23, 2017

31: The Sneakers of Seeing Ahead

After a thoroughly entertaining and distracting performance in the town square, our heroes headed to the coffin maker's shop, wherein they were surprised by a less than pleasant kind of jack in the box. Will they just stuff them back in their crates? Let's find out together, shall we? Ben TISSOT (www.bensound.com), and Anttu Janhunen (@anttu-janhunen). ...



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July 16, 2017

30: You Glued My Doll?

We're trying to make our way to the coffin maker's shop, but who knows if we'll ever get there? We seem to get distracted a lot. In this case, we see a kerfuffle in the town square and go to investigate! ... Or help! In all likelihood, we'll just burn the place down, but here's hoping we don't kill EVERY innocent civilian we see. Music by Abby Cross and the awesome Purple Planet music! http://www.purple-planet.com ...



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July 09, 2017

29: This is a Kids' Store!

Last time, we spent a great long time at a church, interrogating small children and tackling older ones. Better watch out, young people of Vallaki. We're apparently coming for all of you. But now that we may know where the sacred bones of St. Andral are, what are we going to do about it? Will we even make it that far? Music by Abby Cross and BenSound (http://www.bensound.com/). ...