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February 04, 2018

58: Picture a Bag of Flour

The party put on their firefighter hats last week as the conflagration at the Blue Water Inn had spread to many of the neighboring buildings. Raphina's magically conjured water helped to get things under control, and so they headed off in search of Ireena's abductor and ended up at Lady Fiona Wachter's house. After some coercion, the house cook led them to the cellar door. What eldritch horrors lie beneath the earth? Join the gang as they descend into the darkness. Music by AbBowie Cross and Purple Planet (www.purple-planet.com). ...



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January 29, 2018

57: Go, Go, Baron Skis!

Last week, Batthwack started by decimating Lady Fiona Wachter, and then Izek stepped in and eliminated most of the rest of her cultists, all in the midst of a fabulous discoteque courtesy of Raphina. We last saw Izek heading out of the room with the last remaining cultist, but after checking on him a few minutes later, all that remained was a large amount of blood, most of it pooling in the hallway outside, with the rest of it trailing away towards the back of the house. Did the cultist overpower and murder Izek? Did someone spill a pot of blood destined to become a delicious blood pudding? Or is the blood actually partially set black cherry Jell-O? Take a listen and find out! Music by AbBowie Cross and http://www.purple-planet.com. ...



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January 22, 2018

56: Twisty Ties

Last time, our party got real with both Izek Strazni and Lady Fiona Wachter. After a lot of talking, initiative was eventually rolled, and fisticuffs undoubtedly ensued. But who cares about all of that - what the hell happened at the Blue Water Inn?? Link to the image we mention in this week's episode: https://www.flickr.com/photos/porkfrieddice/38930310295/in/datetaken-public/ Music by AbBowie Cross and Purple Planet (http://www.purple-planet.com). ...



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January 15, 2018

55: Turn Left at the Short Sword

Last week, the rest of the party watched on in a combination of admiration and terror as Will trotted out his Baron Vallakovitch impression for the first time publicly. After confronting the as-yet unidentified woman addressing the crowd outside, it was revealed that Izek may have been part of a plot to kill the mayor. Will introduced the rest of the group as his "secret guards", and they were able to convince/coerce the mystery woman to continue their conversation/confrontation inside. What will happen in the bowels of the burgomaster's mansion? Can Will keep up his ruse? Will Izek be condemned or vindicated? Will Batthwack stay hidden behind another set of doors the whole time? Let's find out! Music by AbBowie Cross and Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). ...



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January 07, 2018

54: Lay On Crotch

Last time, Lank wandered the streets of Vallaki (and attacked certain demon-armed weirdos) without being able to control himself. WTF is up with that? Then Will and Batthwack discussed a plan to figure out who killed the mayor. If Will can fool everyone by pretending to be the mayor, and someone is surprised that the mayor is still alive, we'll easily figure out who was involved in the murder. But then Galdar, of all people, already knew that the mayor was dead. WTF is up with THAT? Music by AbBowie Cross and Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com). ...



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December 31, 2017

53: You've Gotta Snort It!

The baron of Vallaki and his wife have been assassinated. Will is staying in the baron's house to assume the role of the baron in order to figure out who the murderer is. Batthwack's staying with him as protection. We've found an awkward wizard in the attic. Raphina, Nick and Lank escorted him to the Blue Water Inn on the premise of beginning an adventure to the Amber Temple. Oh yeah, and there's a gross, demon-black tiny baby arm growing out of Ireena's stump. Oh well, an adventurer's gotta get that long rest, amiright? ...