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March 25, 2018

64: Outhouse Being Hit By Dead Dog

Last week, Will was put on trial. And then everyone went to bed. Well, presumably. Everyone PRESUMABLY went to bed. Music by Ab-Bowie Cross. ...



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March 18, 2018

63: Water, Sticks and Whiskey

In our last episode, we were in the comfort of the burgomaster of Vallaki's mansion (which now belongs to Will, right? Because that's how real estate works). We found out that the club Blinsky had been using was actually Lank's, and had caused him to become... possessed? Perhaps? Then Batthwack had asked Will if Will's vision had truly been from the Morninglord, or if it might have been from someone else. Is shit about to get real? We had only begun to find out what's actually going on. Let's continue the conversation, shall we? Music by AbBowie Cross and Purple Planet (http://www.purple-planet.com). ...



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March 11, 2018

62: Assistant to the Regional Mayor

So much of Vallaki is currently on fire, it's ridiculous. But on the plus side, we've rescued people, cats, and money - we're such good little heroes! Last time, Batthwack took out a Izek with minimum effort, and then Ireena kind of flipped out the teensiest bit, setting us all on fire. Afterwards, we scavenged Lady Wachter's house, and Will made a rambling speech trying to either bolster or perhaps confuse the townsfolk. He definitely achieved the latter. Finally, we were approached by an old man asking us to save his grandson who had been kidnapped by big hairy dudes. Really? Haven't we gone through enough? Now we've got this shit to contend with? Maybe we can just sit here in Vallaki, forever, as it burns down around us. That might be better. Music by AbBowie Cross ...



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February 26, 2018

61: Stop Pretend Gasping!

In our previous episode, Ireena and Izek were meeting for the not-first time. Surprise! The group tried to determine whether it was safe to allow Izek to go free, even though he seemed weirdly obsessed with our friend Ireena. We might have come to the wrong decision. Initiative had to be rolled, so we know some shit's about to go down. This episode brought to you by Barovian Family Tree Geneology Services! Music by AbBowie Cross and Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ...



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February 18, 2018

60: ...And We're All Tied To The Bear

Last week, the party finally met Mr. Wachter, Raphina went on an epic journey for her new...cat..., Blinsky was knocked out cold, long-lost siblings were reunited, and Batthwack definitely retrieved his javelin. Will he retrieve any more javelins this week? Let's find out, shall we? Music by AbBowie Cross ...



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February 11, 2018

59: Set Maul to Stun

Last episode, the party made their way into the cellar of the late Lady Wachter's home in search of Ireena and her supposed captor, Gadof Blinsky. After dustily dispatching a group of skeletons, Izek rejoined the gang, and he took Raphina and Will on a tour of the parts of the house they had missed. The rest investigated a secret door that hid a group of cultists, Ireena, and Blinsky, and Will and Raphina opened a bedroom door! What will happen this week? What's up with the weird lady in there? Will they find the dead guy Izek was talking about? All your questions and more will be answered, if only you will listen. Enjoy! Music by AbBowie Cross and Purple Planet (www.purple-planet.com). ...