273: Loaded Baked Potato Water

273: Loaded Baked Potato Water
Pork Fried Dice - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
273: Loaded Baked Potato Water
Episode 109 June 13, 2022 01:51:05

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Alternate titles:

It's a Kink R Us

I'm Playing D&D With a Bunch of TEA DRINKERS

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Will found his own severed head. Does anything else need to be said? It does? Ok - Batthwack surreptitiously snatched up the punching dagger that looked like it belonged to Will’s brother Curtis. All the while, the shortest members of the party reached the highest levels of Argynvostholt in search of WereNick, and as they charged upwards, Nick eventually plunged downward, but he was able to survive the fall so that Raphina was able to cure him of his lycanthropy. But yeah, Will found his own severed head. I told you that was all that needed to be said. ...



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