251: 50% Milk

251: 50% Milk
Pork Fried Dice - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
251: 50% Milk
Episode 87 January 03, 2022 01:15:37

Show Notes

Hey, an actual task this week! If you listen to the episode, you'll see that we reference the Special Combo. I want you this week to create the Special Combo (a virgin version is completely acceptable if you prefer), drink it, and relay your experience on our community Discord (link below). A video will earn you five stars, but even a retelling is worth some points.

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In all my 37 years of running the well dressing contest, never have I had to deal with someone so rude, so impudent, as that...person. Where did he come from? I know we don't have any rules on allowing people from other towns into the festival (to be honest, it hasn't really ever come up!), but I think maybe we need to consider putting some kind of...safeguard in place. If anything, just for the sake of the children! ...



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