218: Sure, I'll Consider It: A Phil Lompion and Fatmack Story

218: Sure, I'll Consider It: A Phil Lompion and Fatmack Story
Pork Fried Dice - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
218: Sure, I'll Consider It: A Phil Lompion and Fatmack Story
Episode 54 March 29, 2021 03:00:57
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Haven't we all, at one point or another, found ourselves feeling like a boat stuck in a canal? For this weeks Episode Description Reader Task™, I want you to head over to the community Discord and give us your best description of how you think the PFD crew would handle the task of dislodginng a vessel wedged firmly in placeacross an important shipping route. If you need some inspiration, check out the PFD wiki!

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