59: Set Maul to Stun

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59: Set Maul to Stun
Episode February 11, 2018 01:11:19
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Last episode, the party made their way into the cellar of the late Lady Wachter's home in search of Ireena and her supposed captor, Gadof Blinsky. After dustily dispatching a group of skeletons, Izek rejoined the gang, and he took Raphina and Will on a tour of the parts of the house they had missed. The rest investigated a secret door that hid a group of cultists, Ireena, and Blinsky, and Will and Raphina opened a bedroom door! What will happen this week? What's up with the weird lady in there? Will they find the dead guy Izek was talking about? All your questions and more will be answered, if only you will listen. Enjoy! Music by AbBowie Cross and Purple Planet (www.purple-planet.com).

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