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Pork Fried Dice is an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast where we try to tell a compelling story, but have fun doing it. That is to say, we take the story seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our goal is to have a show where our listeners feel like they are at the table with us. We are a roleplay-heavy podcast, because we like character interaction, but we’re also a group of people that make crude jokes, anachronistic references, and godawful (or clever, if you’re into that kind of thing) puns. Enjoy! ----------------------- Email: [email protected] Twitter: @PorkFriedDice. Find out more: www.porkfrieddice.com

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  1. 226: What CAN'T Will Turn Into? A Pleasant Person? JUST KIDDING!

    So, you'd think that with a week off, I'd have so much time to come up with a delightful task for you, my loyal episode description readers. And as it turns out, you'd be right! Visit our community Discord and submit your ideas for the best PFD bumper sticker. Something you'd be ...


  2. 225: The Dead Among You Have Nothing to Fear

    Nobody plays Super Smash Bros, eh? Well, ok, fine. But everyone MUST play checkers, right? Maybe that will be more appropriate for an Episode Description Readers Task. For this week's task, you need to visit the community Discord and describe what moves a PFD character would have if they got added to the ...


  3. 224: Pork Fried Dice: A Pay-To-Play Game

    Super Smash Bros is a Japanese series of crossover fighting video games published by Nintendo, and primarily features characters from various Nintendo franchises. The series was created by Masahiro Sakurai, who has directed every game in the series. The gameplay objective differs from that of traditional fighters in that the aim is to increase damage counters ...


  4. 223: Don't Smell The Past, Smell The Future!

    Finally, science has found a solution! We can all get vaccinated against novel swirlyvirus (2016-nSwiV)! Thanks, science. Listeners, head on over to the community Discord and tell us all of the side effects you had after getting your SwiV shots. (Can you believe we had to get eight of them?!) And when ...


  5. 222: Lizard Pounding

    Ok, so you've had an entire week off, you lazy Episode Description Readers, just vegging out in the community Discord. It's time to get real. Your task this week is to visit our incredible PFD wiki and find a page, any page, that does not have an image. It can be ...