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April 10, 2017

16: How's the Sentence Happening?

After letting the vampire spawn Doru escape, very likely endangering the lives of countless Barovians, the party has to decide how to spend the day in this bleak village. What they come up with is...well, you'll see. Music by Emily Rocheleau ...



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April 02, 2017

15: The Truth of His Salvation

Please forgive the audio issues that start up about 30-40 minutes into this one as the party gets to the church, meets its steward, and learns about his...baggage. Music by Emily Rocheleau and Ben Tissot (www.bensound.com) ...



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March 26, 2017

14: The Attempted Pike Poke

Last week, Will had a weird/awkward/horrible nighttime visitation, and then we left Gorin staring into the face of Death. Will Will make out with Death? God, we hope not. Music by Emily Rocheleau and Ben Tissot (http://www.bensound.com/). ...



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March 19, 2017

13: My Necro-Sense is Tingling

It's the middle of the night, but you're in luck! You've been invited to a sleepover at a creepy old mansion that looks like it's seen much better days. Pillow fight, anyone? Music by Emily Rocheleau and Anttu Janhunen (https://soundcloud.com/anttu-janhunen). ...



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March 13, 2017

12: GILFs, Get Your Tongues Ready!

Last week, we met some new friends, and a brand spanking new enemy! After Attack of the Guano, we stood around and talked for a while. Will we do anything interesting this time? A tavern is involved, so probably. Music by Emily Rocheleau and Adam Monroe/Adam Kopcinski. ...



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March 06, 2017

11: New Friends, or BIFF! SPLAT! GUANO!

The walls have come crumbling down, so what happens to our intrepid adventures next? They'll probably just head on home, right? ... right? I'm so scared. ...