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Pork Fried Dice is an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast where we try to tell a compelling story, but have fun doing it. That is to say, we take the story seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our goal is to have a show where our listeners feel like they are at the table with us. We are a roleplay-heavy podcast, because we like character interaction, but we’re also a group of people that make crude jokes, anachronistic references, and godawful (or clever, if you’re into that kind of thing) puns. Enjoy! ----------------------- Email: [email protected] Twitter: @PorkFriedDice. Find out more: www.porkfrieddice.com

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 203: Wa-Marko

    As of the writing of this episode description, there are only 5 more sleeps until Christmas, our family's winter holiday of choice. I find myself in the gift-giving spirit, and so am wondering what kind of holiday gifts would you think would best suit our game's characters? I know I'd ...


  2. 202: I Bet You Think This Pneumatic Tube Is About You

    Greetings, Episode Description Readers! Things are going gangbusters, both at our secret hideaway at https://discord.gg/FPNQfsW as well as on the excellent Pork Fried Dice wiki at https://pork-fried-dice.fandom.com/wiki/Pork_Fried_Dice_Wiki! This week, it's time for another photographic adventure. Share an image of a piece of furniture in the real world that reminds you of ...


  3. 201: The One With The Spyglass In Their Pants

    Have you ever looked at a tree and thought, hey, trees are crazy. Look how big they are, and they're just alive and sitting there. No eyes, no ears, no senses at all, but so...present. Have you ever thought that? Well they've thought that about you, and they're out to ...


  4. 200: Abby, We Hear Your Face!

    Episode 200, you guys! We did it! That's a lot of content. I don't know if I've ever done 200 of anything before. Have you? Tell us something you've done 200 of over at https://discord.gg/FPNQfsW - and hey, if you haven't done 200 of something, tell us something you'd LIKE to ...


  5. 199: Will, You So Rarely Lie To Me

    Task, task, it's time for a task! Episode Description Readers, take a swig from your flask! Head to our Discord at https://discord.gg/FPNQfsW just like I always ask! Submit an original haiku describing Pork Fried Dask! ...