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Pork Fried Dice is an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast where we try to tell a compelling story, but have fun doing it. That is to say, we take the story seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our goal is to have a show where our listeners feel like they are at the table with us. We are a roleplay-heavy podcast, because we like character interaction, but we’re also a group of people that make crude jokes, anachronistic references, and godawful (or clever, if you’re into that kind of thing) puns. Enjoy! ----------------------- Email: PorkFriedDice@gmail.com. Twitter: @PorkFriedDice. Find out more: www.porkfrieddice.com

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 30: You Glued My Doll?

    We're trying to make our way to the coffin maker's shop, but who knows if we'll ever get there? We seem to get distracted a lot. In this case, we see a kerfuffle in the town square and go to investigate! ... Or help! In all likelihood, we'll just burn ...


  2. 29: This is a Kids' Store!

    Last time, we spent a great long time at a church, interrogating small children and tackling older ones. Better watch out, young people of Vallaki. We're apparently coming for all of you. But now that we may know where the sacred bones of St. Andral are, what are we going ...


  3. 28: The Fifth Pope of London

    So we've all received visions of glory, kindness, good, and evil - some of us from the Morning Lord, and one of us from the Swirly Man. We shall now proceed through the world with greater enlightenment! HahahahahahahahahahaaaaAAAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, that's such a funny joke that I just made right there. ...


  4. 27: Mist-ical Visions: Part 3

    We're off to find a job for Ireena! Or at least we've got to get rid of her, somehow. The church is the thing! And nothing weird or bad or mystical or creepy or magical or scary or fantastical has ever happened at a church, right? We're totally safe. Today ...


  5. 26: Deer Eggs and a Bowl of Tabasco Sauce

    The Blue Water Inn continues to serve up stellar food as our heroes decide what they are going to do next. And who the heck is this colorfully dressed character? How dare he not dress like he is majorly oppressed - i.e. in the Barovian uniform? Music by the bodacious ...