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Pork Fried Dice is an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons podcast where we try to tell a compelling story, but have fun doing it. That is to say, we take the story seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Our goal is to have a show where our listeners feel like they are at the table with us. We are a roleplay-heavy podcast, because we like character interaction, but we’re also a group of people that make crude jokes, anachronistic references, and godawful (or clever, if you’re into that kind of thing) puns. Enjoy! ----------------------- Email: PorkFriedDice@gmail.com. Twitter: @PorkFriedDice. Find out more: www.porkfrieddice.com

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Latest Episodes…

  1. 170: And Widely Spread Ankles

    Hey all. Have you ever decided to go out on a limb and really flesh out and describle an NPC's physical appearance, way more than you typically do, only to have them instantly diminshed to a single, inaccurate, tv anime reference, completely destroying what little faith you have in yourself ...


  2. 169: Schrödinger's Grandma

    And the legendary Zone of Truth has once again taken center stage! Everybody, give it up for Zone of Truth! And please, tip your wait staff, they're workin' hard out there for ya! ...


  3. 168: My Eyeball Is Registered With the FAA

    Well isn't this turning into a regular Miss Marple tale. I suppose Will probably has enough tweed on him to clothe any aspiring sleuth who might be able to crack The Case of the Missing Stupid Shit! ...


  4. 167: Amazing Jewel. Ry. Piece. Of. Artifact.

    This airship ride is getting heavy, man. Like really heavy, dude. It's so...heavy! ...


  5. 166: I No Longer Want You To Find My Gnome Family

    To this day, there are still parents who frighten their children with the tale of the enormous turtle who will turn and fix his beady eyes upon you while emitting a hideous, eternal squeal if you don't eat your beets. ...